Class Room


The classrooms are spread across 3 buildings. Each classroom is well it and can accommodate more than 80 students. The seating arrangement is such that the students can get an unhindered view of the faculty and teaching aids from all sides. BLDEA's has brought technology into most of the classrooms for effective presentation of course material. Many of the classrooms are equipped with ceiling mounted LCD projector.


A well furnished auditorium which can accommodate more than 500 students is centrally located on the campus. The auditorium is routinely used for guest lectures, technical seminars, pre-placement training and extra-curricular activities.



The management and staff at the institute are aware of the fact that learning needs an environment that is conducive in all respects. Consequently the aim has been to create an ambience in which students thrive.

The Institute campus houses comfortable hostels exclusively for boys and girls. The cozy rooms here tend to become a literal home away from home. Wholesome & tasty food catering to varied tasty, is provided by the canteen attached to the hostels.


The Institute owns several buses that operate from various parts of the city to the campus for the benefit of staff and students. At present, there are 26 buses dedicated for transportation. The buses pick up students and staff from several centralized locations in the city close to many residential neighbourhoods. Students and staff are utilizing the precious commute time to discuss/debate various topics ranging from current news, academics, research and project work.


The Institute encourages participation in sporting activities and provides facilities for both outdoor and indoor games. Cultural activities too find a place in the agenda with clubs encouaging a range of pursuits. The institute supports students' participation in cultural programs and youth festivals. Students are also encouraged to utilize the facilities in the labs and workshops to pursue hobbies of technical nature.

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